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I Sympathize with Tommy La Stella

I don’t know what’s going on with Cubs infielder Tommy La Stella. It’s very possible that he’s throwing a massive hissy-fit, first becoming angry at his employer for sending him to Triple-A Iowa–something that is completely within their rights–and then … Continue reading

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Curb Your (Cubs) Enthusiasm

Does anyone else feel it? Subtle trepidation growing within your soul with every prediction, magazine cover and sportsbook claiming the Cubs can and will do the unthinkable? There’s no need to yell. I already understand how this piece will make you feel, so let’s get the caveats … Continue reading

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Memories of Cubs’ Opening Day’s Gone By

So, I love Opening Day for baseball season. It reminds me of being a kid, just getting into baseball for the first time. I’m taking you back to the year 2000, when the Cubs were opening up the Major League … Continue reading

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Ryan Davis: Days of Future Present

As some of you already may know, Sunday is my 30th birthday. As an adult turning 30, which most agree is a monumental life step where you’re not quite old but are no longer young, I decided to reflect a … Continue reading

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2016: Resolving to be a Less-Bad Person

A long time ago, I came to some realizations about myself that lead me to resolve to become a better person. I needed to do some basic human things: care about others, take care of my body, be less of … Continue reading

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