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Illinois Teamster Contract Has Concerning New Language

The Teamsters Illinois employment contract has been released, and I’ve obtained a copy that outlines the major differences versus the previous contract. Most of it is bad, but I wanted to outline some of the most egregious portions, in my … Continue reading

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Rauner Not the Political Outsider He Claimed

As the man who campaigned on the platform of being an outsider, intending to shake up politics as usual in Illinois, Governor Bruce Rauner has turned out to be not much more than a product of “politics as usual.” One … Continue reading

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Lance Berkman is Right About Tolerance Killing Our Country

Lance Berkman is right about tolerance killing our country, but not for the reason that he thinks. Recently, the former baseballer spoke out against the Houston equal-rights ordinance (HERO) that would prohibit discrimination in the workplace, housing accommodations, and public … Continue reading

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The Best Episodes Ever

A while back, I was inspired by something that Evan Altman of Cubs Insider wrote called The Soundtrack to my Life. If you have some time and like Eminem, it’s a great read. The part that spoke to me the … Continue reading

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